About Me

Hello everyone! I am Jaime Hera.

My name is Jaime Hera and I am a newbie youtuber.
My interests are in music and golf. This is because I love playing with my friends and also because I feel happy when I’m doing it.
My goal for my whole life is to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.
I love socializing and if you ever see me, you can just talk to me and i will welcome you like a friend.
I used to be a model and trained at Amber Chia academy(ACA).
My daily routine everyday is school, golf, piano, eat and sleep. That’s all I need to be able to live.
My close friends call me Jam Jam, Jaimeh and much more.
And I absolutely love the color blue and the shade called cerulean.
I prefer staying in the inside rather than outside, because I am more used to the indoor environment.
I am a eco influencer and even have my own brand to support saving the environment.
Even if I am a youtuber, this doesn’t stop me from loving games, especially scary ones.
I also like baking and in my spare time, you would most probably see me baking a new recipe and trying it.
That’s all for now. I hope you have subscribed to my youtube channel and followed my instagram. Thank you! 🙂

我是Jaime Hera,同时也是个新手youtuber.
我曾在 Amber Chia academy(ACA) 接受训练并担任模特儿.
我要好的朋友喜欢称我为Jam Jam、Jaimeh或是更多其他的外号.